Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day 2021 Syracuse, NY

Earth Day is a day of declared solidarity that we are all in this together on Planet Earth. My Earth Day began with 3 inches of fluffy white snow covering the grass and clinging to the blossoms of the cherry trees, the maples, the redbuds, and the tulips. The yellow of the forsythia glows through the snow on its branches, the pink of the redbud sneaks out below the stacks of flakes above. As I write this, a small breeze moves through, helping the flowers to shake off the snow and the sky brightens with promise of sunshine before long. It is a beautiful sight, even as it is fairly unusual for snow this late into spring. It is not the latest I’ve seen snow in spring, nor the most snow I have seen in spring and while it brings needed moisture (think April showers) for the emergence of spring flowers, I do prefer rain at this time of year. Nonetheless I am grateful for the resilience and the beauty of nature.

I reflect this morning on the role we have in co-creating the world around us. Through the choices we make each day, through the beliefs we have, we co-create the world. I won’t take it as a sign that the bright promise of the sun that shone through a moment ago has faded in this moment, and the sky is once again filled with falling snow as one more snow shower begins. It is beautiful. There is no denying that. Still, it is a challenge to move through moments of darkness and dismay. But now the robin sings through, showing me the way. Keep going. This is just what is today. We create tomorrow anew.

Perspective matters. Toby, our dog, is delighted with the fresh snow cones of the morning. As he emerges from the house, he chomps the snow from the tops of each little solar light. I can’t help but smile at that! Last year I shared photos of wonderful pink blossoms on Earth Day. This year, a purple hyacinth cloaked in snow.  

Here’s to creating a world in which we celebrate Earth Day every day.

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