Gathering of the Energies Global Climate Meditation

2:30 pm Eastern Time, Sunday, November 7, 2021

Please join us for a Gathering of the Energies Global Climate Meditation, Sunday, November 7, 2:30pm Eastern time. This date marks the halfway point of the Global Climate Change meetings centered in Glasgow, Scotland. Our online meditation is intended to energetically support this important work at a unique moment in time in which global energy is focused on healing our relationship with nature.

Email for the Zoom link.

Statement of Intent for this Gathering

This meditation honors and works with the elements to heal and transform our relationships with each other, the Earth, and All. Our intent is to acknowledge the great imbalance we have been party to as humans on Earth at this time, and to be clear that we are here to honor the elements, Mother Earth, the oceans, the heavens, the stars, and the intricate energy balance that they have provided for millennia. We gather to offer our prayers to bring about the balance that is needed to address climate change. We commit also to continuing this conscious work both with the elements and each other, to bring this consciousness to people individually and in our social organization in every way possible. 

Through our prayer, we channel the flow of universal energy through us to where it is needed most at this time to address the imbalances of climate change. We specifically connect with each other, the elements, Gaia, and the Universe to gather the energies to support the leaders, groups, and individuals working to address climate change and its associated traumas.

Together we dream into being, a loving, equitable, and sustainable world for all.

We will start with a prayer and then share briefly what to expect with this meditation before it begins. We will close with a prayer following the meditation.

All are welcome!  Join us in the dreamtime if you are unable to join in the physical.

Much love,

Valerie and Maggie

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